ENVIRAWOOD Products and Applications

Class 1/A Fire Rated
Qualifies as a LEED Green Products
FAA Fire Tested and Approved for Aircraft
Anti-Microbial Test Laboratory Approved
Anti-Fungus Test Laboratory Approved
Save the Forests!

Prefinished materials are becoming sought after products to assist architects, designers
and fabricators in the interior construction industry to work together in achieving time saving, cost effective manufacturing methods. ENVIRAWOOD utilizes cutting edge technology to manufacture our products for this practical, ever expanding prefinished materials market.

Our prefinished veneer sheets are manufactured using a proprietary and protective surface
layer that eliminates the need for any additional and expensive finishing procedures.
This significant product feature saves both time and money by providing a very durable,
superior quality satin or high gloss finish.


Standard Veneer Sheets (51"x108")
Membrane and Thermoforming Sheets (57"x108")
PSA Backed Sheets (51"x108")
Protective Film
Pre-Laminated Panels and Aftermarket Components